Spiritual Master To Guide On The Spiritual Path


official responsibilities

We help people come close to their spiritual self with the help of a guide.

The Spiritual Dimension

We can help you reach the spiritual dimension to help maintain the spirituality in you.

Maintenance Of Iskcon

We work towards ensuring that Iskcon stays at its purest and we help maintain that purity all year long.

Marathon Message

We ensure that you can reach God in may other spiritual ways to ensure that you stay closes to him.

Janmasthami Message

You can also subscribe to us and easily connect with the activities which are being held in Iskcon.


(Bhakti Charu Swami’s recollection of Srila Prabhupada)

The spiritual guide himself will work towards making the festival of Janmastami spiritual to help ensure that everything is done right.



Spiritual Quotes

You can listen to the spiritual quotes of the master himself to help get the right help.


There are many audio messages which can help you in the process of growing.


There are many videos of the master preaching which can help guide you to the right path.


We believe that spirituality has no language but requires the right languages to help you understand.


Speech for all ages, all year round with the help of the spiritual master.

Seminar Lecturer

There will be seminars held to help ensure that everything is done in the right way.

outreach activities


ISKCON Devotees

There will be seminars held to help ensure that everything is done in the right way.

Badrinarayan Swami

spiritual sojourn

I wanted to experience the spiritual joy of which I was lacking all my life but a few words with the master himself has guide me to this path.

Radhanath Swami

physical presence


Affordable Price

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History of Religion in India



In ancient India, Hinduism was the predominant religion. Hinduism is considered to be the oldest main religion which had its origin in northern India. The early Vedic culture was for the early Hinduism where its interaction with the cultures that were not Aryan let to the development of what is referred to as classical Hinduism. You should know that a lot of things in the classical, ancient and the modern culture of Indians were greatly shaped by the idea of Hindu. In the modern world, there is still a nation that uses Hinduism as the religion of the state.


It is known as Buddha dharma in ancient India. It has its origin from the north of India just like Hinduism and it is the present day Bihar. In the 9th century, the followers of this religion were counting up to millions. However what led to the decline of this religion in India is disputable; it is believed that the interaction between Hindu and the Buddhist societies led to the formation of movements that competed with Buddhism. In the recent years, however, there have been attempts to revive the religion and the progress has fruits. People are converted to this religion including prominent leaders.

Christianity in India

Research has shown that religion was first brought to India by a certain apostle by the name of Thomas. He did much in converting people from southern India and hence they continued to practice the religion until today. Later it receives consolidation after the arrival of a Christian who was a Jewish named Knanaya. People who received this religion have a strong belief and their Christianity is one of the most ancient which is also referred to as the Eastern Orthodox Church. They bank on the biblical purpose of life. During the colonization period, Catholicism for the Romans also reached India at around 1498.

Islam in India

The religion arrived in India at around the 8th century. Despite the fact that the culture of Indians was already rich, the religion also contributed to its enhancement to a greater level. It shaped the northern classical music for the Indians as well as encouraging the development of the Urdu literature. This refers to the melding of the Arabic, Persian and the Hindi languages. There were around 130 million people in 2001 who were Muslims in India. Most of these people received their conversion during the period of Mughal. They currently live in the west and the north of the country.

Indian Jews

They are among the religious minority who live in the predominantly Hindu people. Judaism was, however, the first religion to get to India and local people were assimilated into it by cultural diffusion. It is not something difficult to estimate the population of this religion since its followers have distinct origins. There are those who came from the Judah kingdom and some are from lost tribes of Israel who were ten. About a half the total population of Jews live in Mizoram and some live in Mumbai. They have however suffered due to attacks from terrorists hence enmity between the Islam and the Jews and Hindus.


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